How To Get System Date In Cl Program

Hi I wrote this program to retain system date, I am sending it to this forum because someone may need it during the year end. Schedule a job using ADDJOBSCDE command with schedule time 00:00:01 calling this CL program. To convert the format of a date in a CL procedure, use the Convert Date (CVTDAT) command. The format for the system date is the system value QDATFMT. The included value of QDATFMT varies according to country or region. For example, 062488 is the MDY (monthdayyear) format for June 24 1988.

Hi I authored this program to maintain system date, I was sending it to this community forum because somebody may require it during the season end. Plan a job making use of ADDJOBSCDE order with schedule time 00:00:01 calling this CL prógram. This program wiIl change the system date back again to the earlier date.

By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have learn and approved the Conditions of Make use of ánd DCL VAR(SYSDATE) TYPE(.CHAR) LEN(6) DCL VAR(YESTERDAY) Kind(.December) LEN(8 0) DCL VAR(LILIAN) TYPE(.CHAR) LEN(4) DCL VAR(Rubbish1) TYPE(.CHAR) LEN(8) DCL VAR(JUNK2) Kind(.CHAR) LEN(23) DCL VAR(WDATE) Kind(.CHAR) LEN(8) RTVSYSVAL SYSVAL(QDATE) RTNVAL(SYSDATE) /. Get local time from system: When this contact is certainly + complete, LILIAN will include the quantity of + times between nowadays and April 14, 1582./ CALLPRC PRC(CEELOCT) PARM(LILIAN JUNK1 JUNK2.OMIT) /. Subtracting 1 from LILIAN will create yesterday's date./ CHGVAR VAR(%BIN(LILIAN)) Worth(%Rubbish bin(LILIAN) - 1) /. Switch lillian tó yyymmdd daté./ CALLPRC PRC(CEEDATE) PARM(LlLIAN 'YYYYMMDD' WDATE.0MIT) CHGVAR VAR(YESTERDAY) VALUE(WDATE) Take note: CEELOCT and CEEDATE are APIs that can be found on the system; you perform not need to generate them. Click MORE INFORMATION ON THIS Subject : suggestions, lessons and even more. Question your development questions-or help out your colleagues by answering them-in óur.

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How To Get System Date In Cl Program

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