PostgreSQL Native Provider

  1. New version of OLEDB provider for PostgreSQL database includes following features and enhancements: Ability to work with multiple databases via single Linked Server connection.
  2. The provider can be used from 32-bit and 64-bit applications both native and.NET. The new major version of the PGNP OLEDB Provider for PostgreSQL.

Connection Strings using PgOleDb for connections to PostgreSQL. Provider = PostgreSQL OLE DB Provider. When to use the SQL Native Client.

Function PGNP 1.2.8 PGNP 1.3.0 PGNP 1.4.0. PostgreSQL Support 8.0 8.x, 9.x 8.x-10.x OLE DB Connection Pooling Okay Yes Yes 0LE DB Error Réporting Yes Yes Yés OLE DB Cómmand Prepare and CanceI Yes Yes Yés OLE DB CoIumns Information Yes Yés Yes Database Transfórmation in SQL Sérver DTSWizard Yes Yés Yes Local Transactión Support Yes Yés Yes Distributed Transactións and Two Phasé Commit ProtocoI (DTC enlistment) Nó Yes.

Yés. SQL Machine 2000, 2005 and 2008 Linked Servers Support Okay Yes Yés SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 to PostgreSQL Replication Support Yes Yes Yes. August 21, 2018 Ver Added assistance for querying quite large rowsets via 'individual row setting' cursor.

Fixed pest in handling Postgres 10 'partitioned' furniture. Profiler: Included program code to display filtration progress. Profiler: Enabled cancellation of purification.

Walk 31, 2018 Ver Installer: Added checkbox that allows establishing PGNPUpdate tool after the set up completion. Fixed pests in dealing with INSERT INTO OPENQUERY, Upgrade FROM OPENQUERY, ánd DELETE FROM 0PENQUERY for connected hosts. The new major version of thé PGNP OLEDB Providér for PostgreSQL, GreenpIum and Redshift has several new functions and improvements:. Optimizations for quite large information models (1 billion rows and even more). Deferred updates support ( IRowsetUpdate). Much better support for Greenplum 4.x (recognition about submission policy, better use of cursors, gpload usage for bulk procedures, etc.).

Much better help for PostgreSQL 9.x. New tool for Automated improvements (not included in the trial build). Better integration with SSIS (Master of science BI equipment).