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Episode # Prod # Air Day Episode Name G- 0 Season 1 1. 1- 1 101 21 Feb 05 The Son in the Iceberg 2. 1- 2 102 21 Feb 05 The Avatar Results 3. 1- 3 103 25 Feb 05 The Southern Air flow Temple 4. 1- 4 104 4 Mar 05 The Warriors of Kyoshi 5. 1- 5 105 18 Scar 05 The Full of Omashu 6.

Avatar the last airbender episodes 1

1- 6 106 25 Mar 05 Locked up 7. 1- 7 107 8 Interest 05 The Nature Entire world (Wintertime Solstice (1)) 8. 1- 8 108 15 Apr 05 Avatar Roku (Winter season Solstice (2)) 9. 1- 9 109 29 April 05 The Waterbending Scroll 10. 1-10 110 6 Might 05 Aircraft 11. 1-11 111 20 May 05 The Good Separate 12.

1-12 112 3 Jun 05 The Surprise 13. 1-13 113 17 Jun 05 The Azure Character 14. 1-14 114 23 Sep 05 The Fortuneteller 15. 1-15 115 7 March 05 Bato of the Water Group 16.

1-16 116 21 Oct 05 The Deserter 17. 1-17 117 4 November 05 The Northern Air Temple 18. 1-18 118 18 November 05 The Waterbending Professional 19. 1-19 119 2 Dec 05 The Siege of the Northern (1) 20.

1-20 120 2 December 05 The Siege of the North (2) Season 2 21. 2- 1 201 17 Scar 06 The Avatar State 22. 2- 2 202 24 Mar 06 The Cave of Two Fans 23.

2- 3 203 7 Monthly interest 06 Return to Omashu 24. 2- 4 204 14 Apr 06 The Swamp 25. 2- 5 205 28 Apr 06 Avatar Day time 26. 2- 6 206 5 Might 06 The Blind Bandit 27.

2- 7 207 12 May 06 Zuko Alone 28. 2- 8 208 26 May 06 The Pursuit 29.

2- 9 209 2 Jun 06 Bitter Function 30. 2-10 210 14 Jul 06 The Library 31.

2-11 211 14 Jul 06 The Desert 32. 2-12 212 15 Sep 06 The Serpent't Move 33. 2-13 213 15 Sep 06 The Exercise 34. 2-14 214 22 Sep 06 City of Walls and Strategies 35.

2-15 215 29 Sep 06 The Tales of Ba Sing Se 36. 2-16 216 13 Oct 06 Appa'beds Lost Days 37. 2-17 217 3 Nov 06 Lake Laogai 38. 2-18 218 17 Nov 06 The World California king 39.

2-19 219 1 December 06 The Expert 40. 2-20 220 1 Dec 06 The Crossroads of Destiny Season 3 41. 3- 1 301 21 Sep 07 The Waking up 42. 3- 2 302 28 Sep 07 The Headpiece 43. 3- 3 303 5 Oct 07 The Painted Lady 44. 3- 4 304 12 Oct 07 Sokka'beds Grasp 45.

The Last Airbender Episode 3 Season 1

3- 5 305 19 April 07 The Beach 46. 3- 6 306 26 March 07 The Avatar and the Firelord 47. 3- 7 307 2 Nov 07 The Runaway 48. 3- 8 308 9 November 07 The Puppetmaster 49. 3- 9 309 16 Nov 07 Nightmares and Daydreams 50.

3-10 310 30 November 07 The Day time of Black Sun (1): The Attack 51. 3-11 311 30 November 07 The Time of Dark Sun (2): The Over shadow 52. 3-12 312 14 Jul 08 The West Air Forehead 53. 3-13 313 15 Jul 08 The Firebending Masters 54.

Avatar The Last Airbender Free Online

3-14 314 16 Jul 08 The Cooking food Stone (1) 55. 3-15 315 16 Jul 08 The Boiling Stone (2) 56. 3-16 316 17 Jul 08 The Southeast Raiders 57. 3-17 317 18 Jul 08 The Ember Island Players 58.

3-18 318 19 Jul 08 Sozin't Comet Component 1: The Phoenix Full 59. 3-19 319 19 Jul 08 Sozin'beds Comet Component 2: The Old Professionals 60.

3-20 320 19 Jul 08 Sozin'h Comet Part 3: Into the Inferno 61. 3-21 321 19 Jul 08 Sozin's Comet Component 4: Avatar Aang Sizes: Season 1: 3.42GM Season 2: 3.39GC Season 3: 3.94GC Thx to for episode list (to lazy to develop one by myself.) This will be only a collection, no credit for me fór dvdrips or w/e. Edit: SKIP DOWNLOADING Show 103 KOPIE (103 can be double in torrent) Hope everyone seeds after downloading (please seed at least what youve downloaded.) probably you can seed while ur viewing? Choopulu kalisina subhavela serial all episodes. If you dont know how to seed: I wear't know what customer u make use of but i recommend utorrent If you completed downloading and simply dont eliminate the downloaded bittorrent then you can seed for how long u want. If you wear't have utorrent however and u've down loaded it you dont possess to downIoad it agian tó seeds.

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Avatar Last Airbender Full Episodes

Release Date: 2005-04-29 After Katara tries to show Aang waterbending, but realizes that he will be studying it very much quicker than she is usually, she will be desperate to improve her abilities. When Katara unintentionally stumbles across á waterbending scroll thát can assist improve her ability while Aang is certainly searching at a pirate's shop, she decides to grab it after she understands that she couldn't wish to afford it; but will she become capable of robbing from the pirates without causing herself and her friends trouble? Launch Date: 2005-05-20 While on their way to the Northern Pole, Aang and his close friends show up at a large canyon where two organizations of refugees are usually bickering over who should get to proceed across. Aang chooses to walk across with the two groups to ensure they don't battle one another. Nevertheless, he soon learns that the two tribes have got become feuding for one hundred yrs and they both believe their activities are justified. But when the potential predators inside the canyon start to come out, Aang is usually stuck trying to defend both tribes from each additional and the bad wildlife. Discharge Time: 2005-06-03 Aang, Katara and Sokka have got operate out of money.

Katara indicates Sokka obtain a job, and coincidentally, they satisfy a fisherman who is looking for somebody to assist him out with his fishing. But when the angler identifies Aang as thé Avatar, he bIames Aang's lack for all of the issues of the final 100 years, and Aang runs apart on his glider. Katara follows on Appa, ánd when she finds him, Aang begins to expose lifetime before he had been frozen in the iceberg.On the other hand, Prince Zuko ánd Lieutenant Jee get into a combat, but Iroh breaks it up.

Quickly afterwards, the Lieutenant and the relaxation of the crew obtain a newfound respect for their head after learning of his recent. Release Time: 2005-10-07 Aang seems ignored as Katara ánd Sokka réunite with Bato, án aged buddy of their father's from the South Pole. They start to reminisce on their times in the recent while they wait for a information to show up from their dad; in which Aang believes Katara and Sokka will get away from him and proceed out to discover their father should the information arrive. However, when the messenger provides Aang the information to give to Bato, Aáng betrays his close friends in a method Katara or Sokka could under no circumstances imagine. However, when Zuko utilizes a resources hunter called Jun to track Aang down, his companionship is put to the check as he must offer with the truth that he betrayed his buddies while defending himself from yet another combat. Release Time: 2005-10-21 When Aang and his close friends go to a Fireplace Nation city therefore that Aang can witness some firebending, their strategy soon will go wrong when it's i9000 discovered that he is usually the Avatar.

Thankfully, he's rescued by an person who acts a firebending get better at called Jeong Jeong who provides left behind the Fireplace Nation, so Aang attempts to use this time to attempt to learn how to firebend. However, when the firebending master refuses to also see Aang, will Aang be able to confirm he's i9000 ready to understand how to firébend despite the fact that he does not have discipline? Release Day: 2005-11-04 When Aang and his friends hear rumours about making it through airbenders, they decide to end by the Northern Air Temple on their way to the Northern Pole to see for themselves. What they discover is definitely a number of individuals who are usually not really airbenders, but have got mastered the art of gliding; though this problems Aang because they possess become defacing the forehead. However, there has been one part of the temple where no one has been recently capable to enter, and what Aáng and his buddies discover inside spells oncoming discord.