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Hi, does anyone know how to transfer data from Suikoden 1 to Suikoden 2 using ePSXe saves? I imagine it's very simple but I am pretty bad with this. Download Save Data Suikoden 1 Psx. Suikoden 2 ePSXe Save Data. I wish to load my PSN Suikoden II's data onto my Physical copy of Suikoden III. I'm planning on playing Suikoden 2 again but I deleted my memory card that contained my Suikoden 1 file. Can anyone here please lend me his/her Suikoden 1 save game file.

I put on't actually recognize about this issue, but when i want to load my game data from Suikodén I to Suikodén II with éPSXe emulator, it had been were unable. It stated that there wásn't any Suikodén I preserved data at my storage card.


I can't shape it out what's i9000 incorrect with this problem? Fleche heavy font alternative. When i verify from it's i9000 BIOS, i nevertheless have got my Suikoden I preserved data in my storage card. (but of program it not the genuine memory card, because this is definitely an emulator) and i saved in the right place of the game (it mentioned that we should stored at the final saved stage so thát i can load thé kept data at the starting of Suikoden II.

Everything has been fine with ePSXe, i can play every game, and never had any difficulty. Excépt with this one. l still can play both games, Suikoden I ánd Suikoden II separately. Because they're different video games, but i can'testosterone levels load the final rescued data from Suikodén I to lI, which is usually can perform with true PSX. My Personal computer is in a great condition, with also great spesification. I believe it'h Alright with my PC.

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Therefore why it's nevertheless unreadable? - It't beacuse this is certainly an emulator which has different system likened with the actual PSX?? - Is usually it because it'h different sport?? Suikoden I ánd Suikoden II?? - 0r presently there're some difficulties with my Computer?? I dunno, you have got any idea??

Thx Probably i should inquired www.suikosource.com.

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