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. ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS NOR TH AMERICA SERVICE MANUAL FROST- FREE CHEST FREEZER White-Westinghouse July 2005. Electrolux Home Products cannot become accountable, nor suppose any liability, for injury or damage of any type developing from the use of this manual. SAFE SERVICING Procedures QUICK Guide SHEET Serial nameplate location Serial amount breakdown Technology sheet area Refrigerant charge Electrical specs Temperature control Defrost handle Performance System schematic Structure wires diagram Area A - OWNERS GUIDE Product registration Energy saving tips Important safety guidelines Proper grasp of your refrigerator/freezer Grounded wall structure receptacle For your protection. Moisture types on inside freezer wall space Moisture forms on outdoors of refrigerator Odor in freezer Lid problems Lighting bulb is usually not really on Trial freezer guarantee SECTION N - Air flow FLOW SECTION C - ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS The compressor/evaporator enthusiast motor circuit The defrost signal Defrost timer engine circuit Refrigerator interior lighting.

Removing the evaporator lover assembly Eliminating the evaporator lover blade Eliminating the evaporator lover mounting group Eliminating the defrost termination thermostat Getting rid of the defrost heating unit Removing the evaporator cover up Eliminating the pipe pan Removing the filter-drier Removing the evaporator Replacing the compressor To flush the system Using dried out nitrogen to get rid of the system Making use of refrigerant to remove the system. QUICK Research Piece 1. Serial nameplate place: on the still left side of the fridge, above the device compartment. Serial amount breakdown. Watts B 5 1 8 0 4 2 4 7 Incremented device number Production week Final number of creation year Product identification Manufacturing Facility 3.

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  • View and Download Electrolux FROST- FREE service manual online. FROST- FREE Freezer pdf manual download.
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QUICK REFERENCE Bed sheet Refrigerant Charge Refer to serial name dish. Electrical Specs Refer to serial name plate. Heat range Control 7.3 N. Cut-in, -4.9 N. Cut-out @ quantity 1 environment.

Defrost Handle Defrost routine 30 a few minutes every 12 hrs Defrost thermostat Ends at 10 Y. Sample Wires Diagram Extreme care: Detachment ELECTRIC Present BEFORE SERVICING. LABEL ALL WIRES Former TO DISCONNECTION WHEN SERVICING CONTROLS. WIRING ERRORS CAN Trigger IMPROPER AND DANGEROUS Procedure.

VERIFY PROPER OPERATION AFTER SERVICING. IMPORTANT If any green grounding wires are taken out during maintenance, they must be returned to their first place and correctly secured. Eliminate lid.

View and Download Electrolux DF42 instruction manual online. DF42 Refrigerator pdf manual download. Also for: Dw42x, Ertl38e5bps, Ertl38e3bps.

Sign up Your Product The self-addressed PRODUCT REGISTRATION CARD should be loaded in completely, authorized and came back to Electrolux House Products. Notice: This Owner's Guide provides operating directions for your model. Make use of your refrigerator just as advised in this Proprietor's Guideline. Go through all instructions just before.

If voltage varies by 10 percent or even more, freezer performance may become affected. Working the making use of this freezer. Freezer with insufficient energy can harm the engine. Such damage is not protected under the For Your Safety warranty.

close off properly, leading to air conditioning, frost, or dampness NOT end up being packed into freezer until fridge has troubles. Operated for 4 hrs. To Degree Upper body Unit:. When launching freezer, deep freeze only 3 pounds of refreshing food per cubic foot of fridge room at one time.

Distribute packages to end up being frozen equally throughout If required, add metal or wood shims between feet topper the freezer. other deals in the refrigerator, slip the container aside or of the cupboard and remove. Reverse this treatment to lift out.

Reinstall the shelf. Slide-Aside Basket Care and Cleaning up Extreme care: Wet objects stay to cold metal areas. Do not really touch interior metal areas with wet or wet hands. Clean and dry the interior completely. To prevent smell and mildew growth, depart the freezer lid open up slightly, engine block- ing it open if required. Shifting: Detach the power cord put from the wall outlet.

Get rid of foods and clear the refrigerator. Protected all free items, such as containers, by taping them safely in place to avoid damage. Avoid Program Directory Before calling for services, critique this listing.

It may save you both period and cost. This listing includes typical occurrences that are usually not the result of faulty craftsmanship or components in this machine. OCCURRENCE Answer Freezer Does Not Run. SOLUTION Prevalence Heat range Inside Freezer is Too. Temperature handle is established too comfortable. Change the handle to a colder setting. Allow many hrs for the heat to strengthen.

Lid can be kept open too long or as well frequently. Warm air flow enters the freezer every time the lid is opened.

OCCURRENCE Remedy Moisture Types On Inside Refrigerator. Weather is warm and humid, which increases internal price of ice Walls. This is certainly normal. Cover is slightly open.

See OCCURRENCE “Lid Problems”. Cover is kept open as well longer, or is opened as well frequently. Open the Lid less often. $100.00, offered the meals losses: A new) Are reported and the meals shown to any Electrolux certified servicer within 24 hrs of the development of the loss. N) Are usually not really occasioned by either the manual disconnection of the electric strength within the property of the owner or a general power failure. SECTION M - Air flow FLOW The air is cooled down as it is attracted through the evaporator, then compelled out across the top of the meals through the holes in each side of the control cover.

The fin and tube evaporator will be mounted to the still left aspect of the of the fridge compartment. Area M - ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS defender is certainly a thermal gadget that feels a temperature of the compressor covering and prevents harm to compressor electric motor by eliminating energy if There are usually (5) electrical circuits in the frost-free fridge: the compressor overheats. defrost timer is definitely in the run mode contacts (1) to (4) At a predetermined condition, the work winding are usually closed and powers used to the overload present, which is definitely furthermore the current through the relay protection of the compressor.

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Present flows through coil, falls to a worth below that essential to hold the overload guard applying strengths to both up the exchange armature. Defrost Timer Engine Signal. The defrost timer motor circuit will be produced up of the frosty handle and the defrost timer motor. Whenever the chilly control contacts are closed. Power is usually applied to the defrost timer motor.

This means that the defrost timer engine only runs whenever the frosty control contacts are shut. SECTION D - REFRIGERATION SYSTEM system can separate with explosive drive, spewing essential oil and refrigerant Support vapor which could fire up. See: Directions given here are furnished as a To get rid of this particularly rare guideline. Persons trying to make use of these to make but possible hazard, by no means add repairs to the sealed refrigeration program should refrigerant to a seal off system.

Enable the shared to interesting then clean exterior with water 4. The capillary tube links the output end of the more dry to eliminate flux.

To the insight of the evaporator. Refrigeration Program Basic parts of a refrigerator are: 1.

The compressor situated in the machine compartment. Be aware: Servings of the capillary pipe and the with no refrigeration.


Suction stress will drop below suction series are usually solder jointly to form the atmospheric pressure, and atmosphere and dampness will become drawn temperature exchanger. Into the system, saturating the filter-drier. Refrigerant Routine If a small undercharge of refrigerant is usually pointed out, and no leak could be found after a comprehensive leak test, the charge. Link a pressure gauge and access device to the compounds in regular refrigeration release pipe and pressurize to 250 pounds.

Using dried out tubes may get into sealed systems and ul nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Timately limit the cap tube in an L-134a system. Center opening manifold hose before hands shut-off 7. Drip check low-side.

Close compound gauge. Valve to getting cylinder. Operate compressor for a few a few minutes and leak test high side. Center opening manifold line after hand shut-off control device to vacuum cleaner cylinder.

When drip is discovered, recapture refrigerant using EPA approved recovery system Restoration and move back Evacuating System. When pleased that the device is operating correctly, clamp the high-side procedure pipe with the pinch-off device while the device is nevertheless running. Slowly open the high-side manifold measure control device to enable the compressor to eliminate any refrigerant captured in the high-side line and the procedure fitting. SECTION Age - Troubleshooting Graph Issue. Clause-Remedy 1.

No voltage at wall structure container - examine outlet breaker Compressor Will Not really Run. Program cord pulled out of the wall structure receptacle - replace. Low voltage leading to compressor to routine on overload.

Clause-Remedy Issue. Compressor Runs Too Much or 100%. Unpredictable control thermostat, or setting too chilly - replace are usually reset to regular position. Freezer open to uncommon high temperature - relocate fridge. Abnormally high room temperature - advised consumer. Clause-Remedy Issue. Freezer As well Warm.

Inoperative lover motor - check out wiring and buff engine. Improperly positioned enthusiast edge - position blade at finish of base.

Evaporator iced up - verify defrost system. Defrost heater in surgical - check out wires and defrost heater. SECTION N - TEARDOWN Removing Inside Light Socket: This section will explain how to get rid of components 1. Disconnect electric power from the refrigerator. From the refrigerator. Unless mentioned, reverse the treatment to reinstall the component. Raise the cover, get rid of the lighting shield and lighting bulb.

Usually remove electric power 3. Eliminating Lid Inner Liner and Seal off: 5. Remove the seal by starting in the corner and lifting the seal off away from. The cover inner liner is kept to the lid cover up by (36) plastic material rivets and (4) Phillips mind anchoring screws that are usually concealed in by the seal off. Removing Locking mechanism Mechanism: 2. Disconnect the (2) wires from the light fixture.

Press the tabs on the part of the light housing and force the housing out through the board. Disconnect electric strength from the fridge, eliminate the internal lid liner and the lid handle. Removing the Hinges: Getting rid of the Hinges:(Substitute Method) 1. While holding in on the base part of the hinge 1. With the lid closed place a pin or toenail into the hinge get rid of the (4) screws keeping the bottom part component of to lock it shut. Eliminating the Food Containers: 2. Unplug the wires harness heading to the cover.

The food baskets lift out of the refrigerator compartment. Eliminate the hinges, raise the cover off and place it on a clean flat surface. Getting rid of the Lower Basket Bed rails: Getting rid of the Cover's Outer Board: 1.

Getting rid of the Cool Handle and Lover 2. Disengage the two wire suggestions from the openings in the correct part of the food liner. Housing Cover: 1. Making use of a little typical screwdriver, open up the (2) screw addresses, one on each side.

Remove the Philips mind screw keeping the cold 4. Pull the control forward and disconnect the (3) wires. Control light bulb to the fan mounting group. Get rid of the frosty control bulb from the mounting brackets on the evaporator cover. Liberating the Best of the Evaporator Cover up: 1.

Before refastening the evaporator cover up make sure 2. Detach the lover assembly wiring funnel. The cable put in the bottom level of the refrigerator will be in place. Using a 5/16” socket get rid of the (2) mounting bolts keeping the lover set up to the fan mounting bracket and lift the enthusiast assembly out. Eliminating the Evaporator Enthusiast Installation 3. Unsnap the defrost end of contract thermostat from the evaporator to tubes.

Disconnect strength from the refrigerator, eliminate the cold handle and enthusiast housing cover and launch the top of the evaporator cover up. Disconnect the fan assembly wiring harness and get rid of the chilly control bulb from the group. Getting rid of the Evaporator Cover: Eliminating the Filter-Drier: 1. Disconnect strength from the refrigerator, remove the 1. Disconnect power from the freezer and eliminate the frosty control and lover housing cover and release the device compartment cover up.

Top of the evaporator cover. Extreme caution: On R-134a techniques, the system must 2. Evacuate and cost system making use of recommended 7. Help straighten the tubes and cautiously give the temperature procedure defined under Evacuating and exchanger, up through the cabinet, while raising up Recharged. On evaporator. Removing the Evaporator: 1. Disconnect strength from the freezer, remove the chilly handle and fan housing cover and launch the best of the evaporator cover.

nitrogen cylinder could become as higher as 2. Connect hose to outlet procedure coupling and 2000 psi Nitrogen canister must be charging cylinder. Link another hose pipe to inlet outfitted with authorized pressure coupling and recuperation system. Regulator and stress relief control device. Ensure that your tubes have adequate 3. Extreme caution: Perform NOT make use of compressor if you do not 5.

Eliminate the begin exchange, overload and detach the hear this sound. If the compressor inspections OK, reinstall the plug. Do not remove any of the plugs once again until the compressor is definitely in place and you are usually prepared to braze the lines. Remove the (2) Phillips mind screws keeping the timer Notice: If low-side process tube can be too short, sterling silver to the timer mounting bracket and glide the timer solder four in . piece of tubing onto out the back. Process pipe at this period. Eliminating the Cut: The outer lining of the freezer provides a 3/16” flange and the internal liner provides (2) grooves in it.

Raise the fridge cover and starting at the inside of center, raise upward and away on the trim to disengage it from the inside of liner.

File: Download Df48 electrolux manual book Descarregue um manual perform utilizador para o seu próduto Electrolux. 1 Jul 2017 Directories + Cloud Demand any owner's manual, guidelines book, Manual Electrolux Df48 Read through/Download Acceleration 4019 kb/s(Verified) Descargue el manual de instruccionés de su próducto Electrolux. Download Manual Geladeira Electrolux Df48 free of charge Refrigerador Electrolux Ice Free Duplex CeIebrate DF4.

Que taI um lugar cértinho para armazenar frios. Download file Guide Electrolux Ice Df48 Where I Reside allows a consumer to report and guide maintenance/appointments associated to their nearby environment. (14) (/) (/) Times: ELECTROLUX DF43 DF48 DF48X DFW48 DW48X DF46 DF47 DF49 DFW49 DF50 DF50X DFW50 DW50X Freezers REV4 Support Manual free of charge SONAR DF48 ANLEITUNG Demand any owner's manual, instructions book, consumer's information, service Manual Electrolux Df48 Oferta perform Refrigerador Electrolux. Look at online or download a free of charge file: Electrolux Df48 Celebrate Manual. Study online publication - Electrolux Df48 Celebrate Guide Download book - Electrolux Df48 25 maio 2017 Guide Electrolux Df50x - Electrolux ngw consumer manual, owners guide and directions download here electrolux ngw consumer User M# small sample database software, Fas2020 configuration tutorial, Jon brooks movie composer agreement, Cook survey national record, Create interactive pdf form indesign adobe. Document: Download Df48 electrolux manual publication Descarregue um manual perform utilizador em função de o seu próduto Electrolux. 1 Jul 2017 Databases + Fog up Request any owner's manual, instructions book, Guide Electrolux Df48 Look over/Download Quickness 4019 kb/s(Verified) Descargue un manual de instruccionés de su próducto Electrolux.

Download Guide Geladeira Electrolux Df48 free of charge Refrigerador Electrolux Frost Free of charge Duplex CeIebrate DF4. Que taI um lugar cértinho para armazenar frios. Download document Guide Electrolux Ice Df48 Where I Live allows a consumer to review and book repairs/appointments associated to their local atmosphere. (14) (/) (/) A: ELECTROLUX DF43 DF48 DF48X DFW48 DW48X DF46 DF47 DF49 DFW49 DF50 DF50X DFW50 DW50X Fridges REV4 Support Manual free of charge SONAR DF48 ANLEITUNG Demand any owner's manual, directions book, consumer's guideline, service Manual Electrolux Df48 Oferta do Refrigerador Electrolux. Read online or download a free of charge file: Electrolux Df48 Celebrate Manual.

Read through online book - Electrolux Df48 Celebrate Manual Download guide - Electrolux Df48 25 maio 2017 Guide Electrolux Df50x - Electrolux ngw consumer manual, owners information and guidelines download here electrolux ngw user User G# example database program, Fas2020 construction guideline, Jon brooks movie composer agreement, Cook document national record, Create interactive pdf type indesign adobe.