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Paddu and Vittala go to a resort to have food but there was a situation that if a customer will leave grain in the plate than that consumer will spend 100 rupees great per head. Paddu and Vittala spend great and come back home. Paddu and Vittala choose to begin a hotel with the exact same situation but they can't operate it. Pandurnaga tries to discover out that why people can't eat meals in some other hotel. View full episode to understand the secret of that additional hotel? Panduranga Vittala is usually a wealthy human humor. Brought to lifestyle by a peerless outfit of genuine life people one can identify themselves with the onscreen household.

Panduranga Vittala is being telecast on Zee Kannada TV at 10 pm from Monday to Friday.This is a comedy serial being telecast every. Pandurangadu is 2008 Telugu, biographical devotional film, based on the life of Pundarika. 'Jaya Ranga Ranga Vittala' J. Keeravani: 2:03.

It is a drama primarily focusing on the couple Arjun and Indu. Choopulu kalisina subhavela maa tv serial all episodes online. Chupulu kalisina subhavela cast included Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani,,,, Jayashree,, etc. In which, Indu is a simple and traditional girl who has deep roots of the values followed in her family.

Their foibles are sure to generate a lot and lots of large laughters. Each show is presented in a complete and uncut, funny and yet sometimes coming in contact with portrayal of a regular middle course family.

  1. Pandu Ranga Vittala (Kannada: ಪಾಂಡು ರಂಗ ವಿಠಲ) is a 2005 Indian Kannada film, directed by Dinesh Baboo and produced by A Ganesh and Narayan J.
  2. Pandu Ranga Vittala (Kannada: ಪಾಂಡು ರಂಗ ವಿಠಲ) is a 2005 Indian Kannada film, directed by Dinesh Baboo and produced by A Ganesh and Narayan J. The film stars V. Ravichandran, Rambha, Prema and Shruti in lead roles.

Panduranga Vittala Serial

Viewing Panduranga Vittala can make you experience like you are eavesdropping on the lifetime of a true household. Rangamma Gandugali: Wife of Late Lakshmi Narasimha Gandugali is definitely the head of the Gandugali Family. She will be age about 50 yrs. She is certainly diabetic yet fond of consuming desserts. She retains blaming her Daughter in rules Jaaji for everything that occurs around her. Pánduranga Gandugali: He is usually the kid of Rangamma and can be antique about 32 years.

He feels that all the females in the world look attractive except his wife. No doubt he maintains appreciating every woman he arrives across. He continually addresses his spouse who will be older tó him in plural ánd with lot of regard. Jaaji: Spouse of Panduranga, Jaaji is definitely aged about 37. By some unusual circumstance she has wedded Panduranga, who can be more youthful than her. No question, Purandhara finds all the ladies in the entire world attractive. She helps to keep complaining of some condition to obtain the attention of her hubby.

She does everything to include up her age group. Vittala: Vitla as he is called is definitely the primary protagonist of thé serial. He is certainly a very unlucky fellow. He usually lands up in some issue or the various other.

He is usually very type at heart and as well blameless to become real. No doubt his wife Pallavi adores him so very much. He is definitely clumsy, dimwitted, accident prone, hapless, bumbling fool and an eternal looser. He adores his spouse a lot and has high respect towards Rangamma. Pallavi: She will be the adoring wife of Vitla. She is often dealt with as Pallu.

Shé dotes her husband because she seems he provides the innocence of a kid and no uncertainties she treats him like one. Her just wish in existence is definitely that her household should deal with her spouse with regard.

She gets irritated whenever someone ill-treats or makes fun of her spouse. Champakali: MSC (or rather House maid Servant Champakali) as she is always known as, can be the maid servant of the Gandugali family members. She can be a stylish gal and talks incorrect British. She likes Panduranga a great deal and never misses a chance to fIirt with him. Shé continually schemes a piece to impress Panduranga. Gunda: He is definitely Past due Lakshmi Narasimha GandugaIi's sister'beds son. Since Lakshmi Narasimha got promised his cousin that he would take care of him, he is definitely now causing with the family members.

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He can be always consuming something or the various other. Naaradha: He is usually the neighbors of Panduranga. He is a bachelor. He thinks in Astrology blindly.

Panduranga Vittala Serial Wiki

In fact he had been to marry to get married to Jaaji. On the wedding ceremony time his astrologer got stated that if he had been to get married to Jaaji on that time he would encounter severe bad good luck. He would possess therefore operate aside from the relationship hall wishing to marry her some additional time. Subscribe to the route by clicking on To view more symptoms from this show go to.

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