Apc Network Management Device Ip Configuration Wizard Download

The Device IP configuration wizard is not able to assign the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway settings to network management cards running AOS 6.5.0 and 6.5.2. This is a known issue and has been resolved with AOS 6.5.6. Download APC Device IP Configuration Wizard for free. APC Device IP Configuration Wizard - You can use the APC Device IP Configuration Wizard to configure the basic TCP/IP settings (IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway) of the following: - Network Management Cards - Devices that contain embedded Network Management Cards Using the Wizard. Network Management Card Device IP Configuration Wizard. Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website. Of the Device IP Configuration Wizard, available from apc.

Apc device ip configuration wizard

Concern An APC System Management Credit card must be configured with network configurations before it can communicate on the network. Once the credit cards have ended up set up with an IP tackle, Subnet Face mask, and Default Gateway the credit cards can be accessed, maintained, and controlled from other computers on the network.

There are several configuration choices available, specified below, for each family members of System Management Credit cards or products that have got embedded versions of these products. Product Series.

Internet/SNMP Cards - AP9606. Gadgets with an inlayed Network Administration Cards 2 include (but are not restricted to): 2G Metered/Switched Stand PDUs (AP84XTimes, AP86XA, AP88XA, AP89XA), Stand Automatic Move Goes (AP44XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled items, Smart-UPS Online (SRT). Atmosphere. All serial quantities. All firmware revisions (unless in any other case noted). Unconfigured System Management Credit card enabled Products. Network Management Card gadgets needing reconfiguration Cause A Network Management Credit card demands TCP/IP settings prior to becoming accessible accessible via a network.

Resolution If you possess a System Management Card 1: In respect to System Management Credit card 1 (AP9617, AP9618, AP9619) or gadgets with an inserted Network Administration Cards 1 (like as a AP78XBack button or AP79XBack button Stand PDU, Environmental Supervising Device, etc), there are three available options to configure the System Management Card (NMC) with it's i9000 initial configurations: the Wizard, port emulation (nearby/direct link), and Deal with Resolution Protocol (ARP). Default shoe mode: DHCP/BootP - With DHCP Option 43 Supplier Cookie required to acknowledge DHCP Offer. By default, aIl of APC't Network Administration Cards 1 based devices are set up for a shoe mode of DHCP/BOOTP. If using DHCP, a merchant dessert (DHCP Choice 43) will be needed by default. If it is certainly not configured on your DHCP server, the card will not take an IP address.

You can make use of the strategies below to configure/gain access to the card if you perform not desire to use DHCP/BOOTP. If you have got a Network Management Cards 2: Default shoe setting: DHCP Just - With DHCP Option 43 Dealer Biscuit NOT required to take DHCP Offer.

By default, aIl of APC't Network Management Card 2 centered gadgets (such as á AP8XXX Néxt Gen Stand PDU ) with AOS 5.1.1 or increased, are configured for DHCP Only with no dealer cookie required by default. They will get an IP tackle automatically so you may need to refer to your DHCP machine to discover out what IP address it acquired.

All APC gadgets possess a MAC tackle that start with 00 D0 B7 which may help while researching your DHCP Customer Listing. In order to configure your Network Management Card enabled device, please pick one of the available configuration methods shown below:. ​. ​.

​. ​. ​ The Device IP configuration wizard is certainly incorporated on the Compact disc that arrives with the credit cards (current v5.0.2) and the latest version can be currently just (v5.0.2).

The wizard must run on a Home windows operating program. You can configure the card making use of the wizard ovér the network just with v5.0.0 and higher. Prior 3.x versions allow local configuration of thé NMC with this plan. With the Network Management Card 2 family members, the Gadget IP Settings Sorcerer v3.0.1 and beneath will not really function via the nearby technique inside the wizard.

Sixth is v3.0.3 is usually required or v5.0.0 or higher for network configuration. Make sure you keep in mind that with specific firmware produces, the NMC can acquire a DHCP tackle and also avoid the wizard from working properly. You may would like to check out your DHCP client list for any Macintosh addresses beginning with 00 D0 T7, which signifies an APC address. In add-on, verify the cards you are usually trying to configure. Any card with valid IP configurations will have a solid green status LED.

If making use of the wizard ovér the network, make sure you be aware, the earlier unconfigured NMC must be on the exact same subnet as the pc working the wizard. An option technique to using the wizard viá the network method may end up being to use a direct network connection between a pc and the NMC you are attempting to configure and operating the wizard. Ultimately, your computer and the NMC will become on a péer to peer nétwork which will permit for configuration as well. This wizard will furthermore not work with either network management credit card household if the network management card was earlier configured and not really in DHCP or BOOTP shoe mode. Sixth is v5.0.0 and higher of the wizard, accessible from apc.com, will allow you to locate unconfigured credit cards or find configured credit cards on the nétwork by IP variety. The Device IP configuration wizard is definitely not able to assign the IP deal with, subnet mask and default entrance settings to network management credit cards operating AOS 6.5.0 and 6.5.2.

This will be a known problem and offers been resolved with AOS 6.5.6. Terminal Emulation can be a built-in function on many operating techniques (ex lover: HyperTerminal). Before using any airport terminal emulation program, any solutions making use of the COM ports must be ended. For instance, if you are usually running a serial version of APC's i9000 PowerChute software, the APC UPS program must be stopped prior to working the airport program. After that, stick to these instructions:.Make sure you note that if you have the scroll lock in, HyperTerminal will not communicate properly with án APC UPS ór accessories. Connect to the UPS/device serial slot using the proper APC configuration cable connection.

Part quantities are usually below for typical devices. Make sure you refer to the user's manual if you are not sure or your device can be not listed.!Caution!

- Linking a non-APC serial cable connection to your device can result in unwanted, inconsistent device conduct. For the IP deal with defined in the initial step, make use of one of the following:. Windows command file format: ping- l 113. To clarify, the -t option is usually the notice L but must end up being lowercase when performing the command word, as mentioned above. Linux command word format: ping- s 113.

Mac pc OS Times command file format: ping- t 113. Right now, you can TeInet to the credit card by typing: telnet. Make use of 'apc' for username and password.

Configure/apply any additional changes based on the directions above or in the user's regular. Record out to save changes.

Customers will become incapable to configure the IP address setting by making use of ARP on thé network management credit cards working AOS 6.5.0 and 6.5.2. This is certainly a identified problem and provides been solved with AOS 6.5.6. Starting with the AOS 5.1.5 release, the NMC2 provides implemented Choice 12 (Host Name) as component of the DHCP request. DHCP choice 12 uses the products' web host title. As of A0S 5.1.5, the default NMC sponsor name will beapcXXYYZZ, where XXYYZZ represents the final six personas of the MAC Deal with (surrounded on a slide with the shipped item) of the NMC. It is definitely also accessible on a label on thé NMC2 itself. lf your network is setup properly (referred to below), you will end up being able to access 'unconfigured' / just-óut-of-the-bóx NMCs by réferencing the NMC ás comes after: 1.

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At a airport (or DOS) fast, ping the NMC making use of ping apcXXYYZZ 2. In a internet browser, gain access to the NMC web interface making use of NOTE:Tests possess shown that also with the network correctly configured, the capability to research devices that support this option is not really immediate. In APC checks, it had taken between 6 and 16 minutes before this features worked. Plymouth mn road test course. Nevertheless, it proved helpful every time (potential wait 16 a few minutes).

Depending on your network set up, your experience may differ. Network Setup: In purchase for option 12 to function properly, the network segment must end up being configured with the 'Dynamically up-date DNS A and PTR records for DHCP customers that do not request improvements.' (or comparative) package selected. See beneath, as an example. Configuration Technique 5 - via Smart-UPS top -panel LCD - (Supported SMT, SMX, and SRT. Models with UPS NMC2).

Notice: This method can become utilized to configure the inlayed UPS NMC2 or various secondary NMC2 for SRT models. Some newer Smart-UPS models provide the ability to configure the Network Management Credit card 2 (NMC2) IP tackle, subnet face mask, and entrance using the top panel LCD display menus. Before proceeding, make sure your NMC2 will be installed in thé UPS SmartSlot ánd is usually powered, pointed out by the standing Directed on thé NMC2. Yóur UPS display will appear comparable to one of the following types demonstrated below. Press ESC to provide up the Menu, if not really already displayed. In purchase to access the NMC2 configuration efficiency through thé UPS LCD, thé LCD menus must end up being place into Advanced Mode. This is definitely accomplished by heading into the Construction menus and transforming the Menus Kind from Standard to Advanced ón the UPS'h LCD menus.

Upon changing this menu environment, you will become capable to configure thé UPS NMC2 by heading back into the Construction menus. NMC2 shoe mode options accessible in Configuration Menus:. DHCP. DHCP BOOTP.

Regular If you select Manual setting, enter the IP address, subnet cover up, and default entrance. DHCP (thé NMC2 default A0S v5.1.1 and higher) and DHCP BOOTP versions will not require any more configuration beyond accepting the environment. After you've finished, the Network Management Credit card will reboot within 1 minute after settings are applied, and the current IP settings will become displayed under thé UPS LCD's About menu. Note: If your UPS LCD menu doesn't have the Configure NMC: option after putting the UPS LCD menus in Advanced mode, you may possess one or more of the sticking with happening:.

The NMC2 is usually not becoming recognized by thé UPS/UPS SmartSIot. The UPS firmwaré doesn'capital t assistance this functionality Consult the consumer's guide that emerged with the UPS or get in touch with your regional technical support group with any issues.